Monday, March 03, 2008

Westlaw vs. Lexis Rewards

Until Westlaw gets something as cool and diverse as Amazon into it's bag 'o tricks, it just isn't ever going to be as good as Lexis's rewards. At the end of my first year, I bought a Lost season and a cookbook for dear hubby as a father's day and birthday gift with lexis points using the Amazon store. I just redeemed all but 83 points to get the complete BBC sitcom series of As Time Goes By (aren't you learning a lot about my tastes now??!!). I love this series, and I love watching it again and again, but for that much $$, I wasn't likely to get it for myself. Sigh. It's fabulous, and I can't help but think: Lexis--you done me right, even if your overall product is less wonderful than Westlaw's.

I've got about 17,000 Westlaw points and virtually nothing to do with them. The brands for house stuff are all sub par for a foodie like my husband. The DVD selection is seriously wanting. You can't get CDs or normal books (read: non--How to Succeed even more as a lawyer...). I don't want a tent. And the jewelry is meh. I ask you: what's a girl to select? Suggestions welcome.


divine angst said...

I got a printer with my Westlaw points. A nice color printer that I needed. Maybe something along those lines? I haven't actually looked at the catalog lately, since I've been building my points back up after getting the printer, but maybe there's something like that?

Joey said...

ooh that is a good idea. I should start considering what I wait to use at school--that we don't have here... like a color printer. Thanks Kristine.

Melanie Rose said...

How did you get so many points???? I feel like I've been building forever and they aren't adding up that quickly. I want to get the video camcorder, which is 17,000, but I only have about 3,000 so far (and I'm a 2L!). I try to do all the promotional "get 100 westlaw points" emails that I receive, but its taking forever.....waaaaaahhhh