Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eep! It's real! I'm taking the bar in less than 6 weeks!

It's odd, isn't it, the very strange things that make upcoming events finally seem real to you. I received an email from my state's bar several weeks ago letting me know that 1) I passed character and fitness, 2) I'd been issued an applicant ID and password, and 3) I was required to download, register, and take a mock test off software I would be using on the exam. I ignored that email when I got it. I wasn't ready for the sinking feeling that I knew it would give me.

Well, today, I could no longer ignore it as the deadline for completing those tasks loomed before me. So, I did it. And all the while felt my blood begin draining from my body and nausea set in. It's real. I'm taking the lousy bar. And it's coming up FAST.

On a helpful note though, thinking about the software deadline made me remember a deadline with my firm who wants several thing from me by the end of this month.

So the tip of the day: don't let studying for the bar get in the way of remembering what's important: being able to take the bar by completing the state's instructions in a timely manner and being able to start working after you take it by finishing the firm's instructions in a timely manner. :)

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Anonymous said...

scary stuff the bar, i'm still a long ways off doing an online law degree initially and then i'm going to attend full time and change careers...