Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm still here and buried under tons of paper

It's been a bit since I posted, so the fast catch up is: the Civ Pro midterm sucked. In some ways. Happily, I think that I was able to answer most of the questions reasonably well. Unhappily or happily (I guess it depends on what you do with it) the exam was 90% of the material we either 1) read but didn't discuss or 2) spent one class on. The whole 5 weeks of personal jurisdiction... nope, not on the test. Grrr! Luckily, I had spent some time on my own on the other material, or I would have been screwed. It's not graded though. So whateveh. Oh, and the other big thing that I learned is that when she says there are 5 questions to answer in an hour. That's not what is really going on. It's 5 main questiion each with 3-6 specific subquestions... you start doing the math on that and you realize that you are doing well to get more than 2 sentences down per answer. jeez louise. So it is. Now I know what to expect in December.

The research paper is done and turned in. Now I'm writing the memo to go with it, realizing that my research was only half-baked. And if I have to sit through another "lawyer panel" of attys who tell me that "after your class rank, your writing and research grade are the most important, and if they suck, well quit now" I'm going to scream.

The memo is sheer torture. Not because of the writing. I like the writing. It's the "there's no way in hell that we can win this case" factor in the writing that is killing me. I keep going back to my research and adding new research because I'm convinced that there's got to be some case somewhere that will help us out. Sigh.

On a brighter side. We're coming down the home stretch. 6 more weeks and I won't have to be scared of the unknown any longer. Honestly, that's the test of this semester more than anything... you have your first everything, first embarrassing socratic moment, first memos, first tests, etc... 2nd semester has got to be easier because you know how to brief and how to answer questions.

So cheers!


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