Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Memo? check! Behind in all classes? check! check!

I am practically giddy that my memo is done... ok not exactly done, but I turned in the draft today and in my world that draft is the hardest to do. And of course, by draft, I mean 6th draft. I figure that whatever I turn in that my TA is going to edit should be the best that I can do. In any case, having that off my plate for the next week will hopefully help me get caught up in my classes, which all suffered for that damnable memo. *Sigh*

Last week and so far this week have been the first weeks where I have read the matierals for classes, but didn't write up a brief for them. I know several of my other blogging 1L cohorts gave up briefing early on and now only book-brief, but I just can't let go of my need to do it. Really, I wish that I could because I really don't have the time for it if I want to get good versions of my outlines done. Sigh. Why am I chicken to stop writing briefs? Frankly, I'm my own worst enemy. 1) I find that my mind wanders a lot more in class when I haven't briefed. The exercise of briefing is usually where I key in on things that I need to get answered in class or pieces that I know i need to pay extra attention to. and 2) I don't read carefully. I don't. Not like in the beginning of the semester. And briefing forces me to go back through and see the nuggets that I missed the first time around.

So there it is. Either I pull some concentration and enthusiasm for reading cases out of my butt, or I keep writing briefs. Frankly, my enthusiasm is waning. Don't get me wrong. i still love school. I love the nerd that it is turning me into. For example, I just got a new cell phone from sprint this weekend. The form that I had to sign had in big print a section about arbitration. I know I wouldn't have paid attention to that before. And i actually did take a split second to consider if arbitration would likely be a bad thing for me as a consumer in my relationship with Sprint. I'm turning into a legal nerd. And I love it. It's just the day to day grind that's got me down. I had a well-tuned machine humming along nicely for studying until that damnable paper came along, and now I'm behind and tired.

True confessions: I can't say that at this point in the semester I'm all that shocked about my lack of enthusiasm. In undergrad, like clockwork, I would lose interest in my classes (or at least the prepping thereto) about 10 weeks into the semester. I guess I have a short attention span? or is that a motivation span? Sigh. Another month! Then finals for a month! Then new classes! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

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Kelly said...

I think I briefed through 1st semseter 1L, but definitely not longer than that. Maybe I just wasn't any good at it, but I found that I couldn't find answers to the questions asked by our profs in my briefs...so it seemed sort of pointless. I switched to highlighting in different colors in my book, maybe typing the holding into my notes before class began. The whole book brief thing isn't for everyone, though. You are right to do what works for you.