Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Memo due today and other updates and go Greg Abbot

So, I printed 2 copies of my memo last night... got the right cover sheets, honor code statement signatures etc... And stuck a fork in it. I was done. I should be feeling elation, right? Nope. I kept looking warily at my backpack wondering if the paper could possibly be an A paper. Just sitting there in my backpack... unfortunately my best guess is that no, it's not. I really want this grade in this class. I worked really hard on it, and I can't help but wonder now if it was enough? if I focused on the right things? One grade classes suck... guess that means all law school classes suck :)

So onward to today. I made my "everything I need to do for final prep" list and printed a calendar for the next month. I used to use this method when I worked for Big Corporate Monolith. I would plan my week or month, depending on what my deadlines were and designate specific tasks each day to accomplish my goal. The first two items on my daily list were must dos... can't leave the office until they are done, no matter what surprises are in my day. The rest of the items for the day had to get done if I had no emergencies. But I was allowed to reward myself for crossing off each item. Like going out to lunch instead of staying in or playing ONE game of minesweeper. The system worked really well for me especially for the more distasteful assignments. And here, I've figured out that outlining is a "distasteful assignment". I'm sorry but it's the truth. I have absolutely no enthusiasm for doing my outlines. Blech. So I'm back to ye old list method. I'm really hoping that will help keep the panic at bay too since I will see all the bitesized study chunks and have them planned, I won't think that I am forgetting anything or spending too long on any one item.

Last but certainly not least, Go Greg Abbott!! and Texas for having a law against SpyWare.
And for you civ pro folks who want to see another complaint, here's TX's complaint against Sony

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