Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I just took my 8-hour take home K practice exam... Oh!

Actually, surprisingly, somewhat shockingly, it wasn't that bad. In fact, astonishingly, I came out of the practice exam feeling like I knew more than I thought that I did. Which is obviously way better than coming out of it feeling like I actually knew less than I thought I did :)

I need to review implied warranties a bit more. And I about spit water on my computer when I read the question about damages... Um, we haven't covered that yet. It's on the syllabus for next week. So I made a rather short answer to that one based on things our prof has said in passing... good thing this isn't the real test or that answer wouldn't be passing. Tee hee! I'm a little slap happy, can you tell.

Things in general that I learned today:
1) I like 8 hour take home tests. Seriously, maybe it's because I know it doesn't count, but i was so relaxed;
2) you don't have to use the stupid exam software that shuts down your whole damn computer--our test is open everything except help from actual people. So when I couldn't remember which UCC section was sale of goods, I hopped on Lexis and looked it up. Suhweet! It's also extremely handy to be able to search my outline on my computer. Love that find function.
3) I get to take my test in my jammies.
4) I am capable of concentrating that long even though I'm at home--which I had wondered about
5) IRAC is stupid. But I did it anyway.
6) My outline is not so bad. I noted the sections that I needed to beef up as I went along. Also, I had formatted some of the sections differently and found the one I like the best. Hurrah!
7) Caffeine is your friend.

So that's it folks. Now I'm putting the books down until Friday night, whereupon I will pick them up with a vengeance and study my guts out for the duration.

Why Friday night you ask? Because my sweet daughter and I are having a mommy/daughter day on Friday. We'll either go to the children's museum or the zoo; I haven't decided which yet. but I figure there shouldn't be too many people at those places, since everyone else will be shopping.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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Zuska said...

Good for you!! I'm sure it feels wonderful! I hope you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Have a great day with your girl.