Friday, February 03, 2006

My head is soooo not in the game

And it's got to stop right now. Seroiusly, last semeester I think that I played games once or twice in one class the entire semester. This semester, it's more of a have I had ANY classes where I haven't played games? Yowza. That's so not me. I'm just not engaged. The only class that I seem to pay any remote attention to is Property. I heart property. I really do. But even then, my attention span is rather like my little girl's. Which is double plus extra ungood.

So here's the schtick. I am going to pay attention darnit... even if that means that I have to take handwritten notes. I think in Con Law, I've got to do to handwritten only, no computer. It's too tempting and as sweet as Prof Con Law is, it's boring boring boring. So, no computer in there next week... we'll see if that helps or if I start having elaborate day dreams. I can keep my computer in crim and property and just disconnect internet... I think that will be OK. I have to participate in both con law and crim law at least once next week. What else... oh the "extra" torturous class I have this semester (which is pointless and boring, and just a total waste of time), no computer in there either. I've got to participate in there too... that's actually part of my grade.

Sigh. I will do this. I will get engaged. I will overcome the immense boredom. I will. And as g-d as my witness I will never go hungry again...

(OK, maybe a little over the top, anyone know what movie that is from?)

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Gone with the Wind