Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can someone please explain why it is that:

  • I had to pay almost $100 for a cap and gown set and the gown is essentially a miniskirt? Made of material that I'm not certain will make it through a ceremony?

  • I had to argue with the administration to put a lousy initial into my full name for my diploma... an initial that I included on my initial application to this fine institution; other folks around here have initials... just not me. Weird. Mostly a PITA

  • I am expected to send out announcements? I mean, really, isn't that just politely begging for money? If you're important to me, you're invited to the ceremony. If I didn't call you, well, read into that what you will

  • Barbri thinks it's cute to send books so that they arrive the last day of classes... so totally a downer

  • My local bar hasn't acknowledged even receipt of my application? My only indication that they are working on it is that my check was cashed.

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Stare Decisis said...

Our bar had us include a self-addressed postcard they would send back to us as acknowlegment of our application.

I think the general rule is that no news is good news, though.