Saturday, April 19, 2008

Law Review Shall Haunt Me No More!

I just completed my last ever Law Review edit. And it couldn't have come at a nicer time--oh wait, yes it could have, months ago! Law Review, how I have hated thee! Let me count the ways:

  • Editing articles that I KNOW no one will ever read because I can tell that EVEN the author was bored writing it
  • Editing writing by professors that is akin to the level my first year undergrad writing
  • Attending endless "executive board meetings" with our fearless (spineless) leader who only ever gave feedback couched in such general terms that no one knew to whom or of what he spoke
  • Cursing at the copyworkers/citecheckers every week as I went through my edits and wondered if they had ever been introduced to a bloody blue book!
  • Yelling (um, forcefully educating??) at the copyworkers/citecheckers in our weekly staff meeting for the same.
  • Meeting an impossible schedule because spineless leader would not enforce deadlines first semester.
  • Having an office in the law review quad (although it was nice to have an office) where I had the privilege of listening to my favorite editor (I call her F.B.--can you guess what that's short for?) bitch and brag alternatively about jobs, clerkships, the size of her paycheck, her grades and any other sort of topic you can think of that ordinarily is either 1) not spoken of or 2) spoken of only with great tact
  • Slogging through mostly meaningless academic work.
I would like to thank Law Review for helping me get a schmancy job in the field that I wanted with the type of firm that I wanted. I would also like to thank last year's board for sniffing glue before note selection and therefore selecting my note for publication. And finally, for helping squelch any thoughts I had to becoming a professor down the road. I hate academia. I knew that before I started this process but clearly had forgotten. Thanks for the refresher!

Fare thee well. And good riddance!

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