Friday, July 04, 2008

First major freakout

It happened Wednesday night... after I had spent what felt like the better half of my life studying torts, and I was still scoring between 30 and 33%. Um, yeah. No bueno. i had been about 3 giggles away from crying for a few days. The tension and the exhaustion and the anxiety were all weighing on me heavily. And so on my way home from studying and taking the test, the tears started rolling, and I was in near hysterics by the time I got home. I just knew that I was going to fail the bar. Beause with as many torts questions, I couldn't possibly get enough "extra" answers right in other areas to make up for it. Or that was my line of thought anyway.

Happily my family had time for a group snuggle and then took me out to a late dinner and a chocolate milkshake. nothing is ever as bad when thought of over a chocolate milkshake. So I picked myself up, and dusted myself off, and started all over again (Name that Rogers/Astaire movie). I had actually also spent a lot of time reducing property (and am now the proud owner of a 1 page property outline :)) so before despairing altogether, i decided to take another property test. I was concerned that my entire method of studying wasn't working and if it wasn't, I was out of ideas of what to do differently. And I'm glad that I took that rational, double-check approach because my property score went up a lot. Then i took a mixed subject test and laughed out loud at the results:
  • All K and property questions right
  • 1 evidence question wrong
  • 3 crim and 3 con law questions wrong each
  • and all torts questions wrong but 1
Clearly, I just don't get torts. So I am sticking with my original plan, although I admit that I am about 2 days behind now. (Freak outs are such a time suckage.)

That's about all that I have to report. Studying for the bar blows.


Anonymous said...

Are you testing yourself with BarBri questions or MBE questions from the Bar examiner's site? Becasue I found I did significantly better on the actual Bar questions.

biff said...

My MBE scores were very up and down. Don't worry. If you do a lot, your score will settle on a number that is a fair reflection of what you know. During the actual exam I guessed a lot. I think about 50% of the questions I narrowed down to two choices but couldn't pick one. I just guessed and moved on, telling myself that if I can get it down to two choices that was good enough. Of course I circled those and tried to come back to them if I had extra time.