Thursday, July 17, 2008

A plug for a calming bar taker site and the next phase

This post on game day thoughts had me breathing a little slower and easier this morning. Thank you Biff for your comment... and allowing me to find your blog. I appreciated your perspective.

Today begins "the rest" of all that I can do. I've often thought that if I do all that I can do, I will pass the bar. I'm not sure if I'm doing "all" I can do, but dammit, I'm trying pretty hard.

So here is the plan for phase "the last." Memorize. Practice. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I've been goign through by subject to figure out what bits 'o law I won't be able to just regurgitate unless I do some hard core memorization of the 4 (or 5?, see why i need to do this) elements of an express trust. So I'm making a list of those and then handwriting them onto stuff that is going to decorate my house. Then I'm going to make a list of "order of review" to make sure that when I'm driving or working out or having another bout of insomnia, I can run through everything.

And when my brain feels squishy and sore, I'll stop input and take a few practice tests. Everyday. Some fully written, some just for the delightful experience. And then, well then, it'll be game time

(Is anyone else having issue with blogger this morning? It's playing mind games with me on links!!??)


Unknown said...

It's interesting to read your blog right now since my husband is going through the same thing right now. Sometimes your entries are word-for-word what I hear from him daily. Especially the last couple days the stress and emotional levels have been insane. I don't envy you guys. Good luck to you... all of you. :)

Jeanne said...

Great post. Thank you for sharing it...

biff said...

Thanks for the link.

Last summer, I was bantering with some random girl in Barbri. I think it was July already. She tells me that she has done zero studying and zero assignments. She is working part time through the summer. I felt much better after talking with her.