Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Can I say just how much I love my legal writing class?

I realize that 99% of it is my prof and his approach to teaching, which is always interesting and usually hysterical. But I really like it. We are on our second assigment right now. I tend to think that it's going to be easy because I've got it making complete sense in my head, but when I put pen to paper, the organization just kills me. Prof Writing says not to worry about that though. To bask in the frustration of these assignemtns because the more we fight it out now, the easier it will be in the future.

Quote of the day: "He with most drafts, wins." Amen.

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Sweet Onion said...

Wowie! I was hitting the "next blog" button and came across your blog and it was interesting to read some of your posts about being a law student, and then the one about your Grandpa. I've been considering going into law, so it was with fascination that I read what you had to say about it, and I wondered, "How does she survive!" Anyway, just wanted to let youknow I really enjoyed reading your stuff. Take care, and happy blogging!