Saturday, September 03, 2005

end of week 2, and now, hopefully, back to our regularly scheduled programming

I finally got through to my mom yesterday. My family is still OK and they said that they are able to get food and water. They are packed like sardines in a motel, but they are so greatful for that. They plan to stay there until they are let back into the city for a few hours to get clothes, paperwork etc. It looks like my cousin doesn't need to worry about that so much because she has friends still in the city helping with evac who took a boat past her house... it's basically gone. She's holding up well though. As soon as mom can get back itn and get the stuff she needs, she's going to come and stay with us for a while. I'm so glad. I think this whole thing has just shaken me up and reminded me how much I would really miss her if she weren't here anymore.

I still worry about them and probably will until I see them with my own eyes. But I feel much better.

I missed class this Thursday and study groups yesterday because my daughter is still sick. She kind of got better, then not. Lovely. One day at a time though, right? hopefully by monday she will be all better and able to go to preschool for the entire week.

Classes, I'm not sure what all happened this week. Frankly, I wasn't very engaged with law school. Every extra second I had, I was surfing to get info, any info about my family and their city. I finally realized yesterday morning that I had to stop. I was internalizing everything too much. Don't get me wrong. My heart breaks for the people who are still trapped, who have lost loved ones, and who have lost everything they have, especially the people who can't afford to rebuild. But I'm too tender hearted you know. It was just taking over everything in my head. So, I'm not watching anything on it anymore. The only news I'm reviewing is the times pcayune at After talking to my mom and getting the straight talk of what is actually going on down there. I really want to reach through the TV at the news networks and slap them around a bit. Completely irresponsible journalism. In any case, nola seems to actually print what is really going on straight from officials' mouths... the officials that are actually present there.

In any case, where that leaves me as a law student is... at school. I'm in the 1L study room and will be here the live long day. I'm really behind and I've got to catch up. I still like my writing class best. Contracts isn't as bad as I thought it might be. And civil procedure, well, I must be missing something because I swear that i "get it". And that can't be right, now can it?

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