Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No wonder my grey hair is multiplying... 2 weeks in review

So, I got to thinking last night about a lot of things and realized that if I feel emotionally tired, it's got nothing to do with law school. Here's the recap of the personal life problems and disasters in the last 2 weeks... some are obviously more trivial than others, but I am going to count them because I know they contribute to my "I got hit by a Mack truck again, and again, and again" feeling.
  • DD has been sick since I started school... she's only been able to attend 3 days of preschool out of the last 12.
  • I don't have back up sick care so DH has missed work and I have missed classes
  • I feel like Dred Pirate Roberts from Princess Bride addressing Wesley's life each night "sleep well, wesley. I'll probably kill you in the morning". In my case, it's me telling myself each day "study hard, enjoy your classes, you'll most likely have to drop out next week". As lightly as I am putting it, we're not that far away from that as a reality. We have to have health insurance and it's only affordable if one of us is working full time... so, Dh can't lose his job because he has to stay home with sickie DD all the time. And I can't flunk out because I need to be with sickie at home all the time... it's a problem. We're going week by week, day by day.
  • I couldn't get a hold of my mother, aunt and her family or cousin and her family that needed to evacuate from New Orleans.
  • They're fine now, but they're lives are not.
  • My good friend from prelaw school city kicked her husband out for infidelity last week... she let him come back two days later. He's going to give her an STD before all is said and done.
  • My cousin (a different, non New Orleans cousin) couldn't find her year 18 month old son on labor day... they found him in the bottom of their pool... Thank God, they were able to get him to emergency room in time. he's going to be OK
  • Dh came home with a fever yesterday. Not a big deal, but that meant no study time for me until late.
  • I'm getting sick.

i think that's all for now. Now, don't get me wrong. I know my life is better than most people's, but I just realized that all this was why i was feeling tired. Here's to a better week. Cheers!


Zuska said...

I am so sorry to hear about all that is going on right now. I don't really see a "trivial" thing on the list!

Could your husband apply for Family Leave for a little while? Until your daughter is over her hump? Perhaps it could protect his job, and keep the insurance for a little bit. Or is he too new of an employee?

I hope your daughter is better soon. I know how very stressful that is.

I wish your family the best as they figure out where to go from here.

stag said...

Wow. I hope things turn around.

jjhaas said...

Sorry for all the yuck! I thought the three of us being sick was bad. You have that mutiplied by at least two. On a positive note, loved the Princess Bride reference. One of my favorites of all time.

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