Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's over... and I'm kind of recuperating

I say "kind of" because my lovely fantasy about lazing around all day tuesday didn't happen. A) I was sick, really sick, and B) my daughter was super duper extra sick... poor little lamb. Sick enough so that it seems like we might not be making our Christmas airplane trip this weekend after all. The jury is still out. We'll make the call tomorrow night. *Sigh* I just knew this was going to happen. But if she has to be crazy sick, thank heavens it is when I can be at home with her without missing lots of school... or any school at all.

My last final was surreal. The prof evidently decided last minute to change his format... not so that it was substantially different... but it became more of an endurance test. Again... no clue how I did. I'm just glad it's over.

I've decided to wait until right before my break is over to do a 1L first semester wrap up. I don't think I could do it justice now.

Happily all of my books are bought for next semester... and being able to shop the internet for them instead of being forced to pay school bookstore prices. (Sidenote: I just looked back at my blog to link to a post I was sure I had made about why the admin sucked because they wouldn't give us our book list until the end of intro week, thus, only being able to purchase from the bookstore... and I DIDN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT! What was I thinking?) I spent about $250 for books for this semester so far. Although that doesn't include supplements. I've heard the prof I have for Con Law is pretty raw and that I need every supplement known to man in order to pass. Sigh.

I've started reading A Civil Action, which is part of our Christmas homework. Nerdy, but it's kind of interesting, especially if you can banish the image of Travolta from your mind while you read.

And on a very happy mommy note: we gave our daughter one of her presents early today since we are homebound and she is so stir crazy... it's a kitchen playset. I can't tell you how many chocolate milks and pancakes I have "eaten" today. She loves it!

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