Sunday, December 11, 2005

One down--2 to go

And that's how I feel... mixed sentences and inconsistencies and just too tired to care. In some ways I think that an 8-hour take home exam is an evil way to start your first exam ever in law school. But I was mightily greatful for that when I experienced the classic "Contracts? Did I take Contracts? I don't know any of this stuff" feeling when I looked at the test. I got over it in about 5 minutes... talking myself down from the ledge so-to-speak.

Overall, I have no idea how I did. Did I get an A? Probably not. Did I fail? Definately not. I think that most decent law schools are set up so that you only fail if 1) you don't show up or 2) you never read, prepped, or attended class. So yeah, somewhere in the middle. But honestly no freaking clue. Here's a puzzler for you though. Why does it take until the end of January to get grades? Here's my theory: your tuition is paid for next semester and no longer refundable at that point.

Gah, I've got Civ Pro on Wednesday. And I'm trying hard to pull some motivation out of somewhere to keep going. I can. I will. It's just so much more draining than I thought it would be, and it's really the first time that I have felt that being a mom to a young child is a rather weighty disadvantage. I can't just disappear and study for two weeks. I guess we'll see in the end.

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