Thursday, August 24, 2006

The second year, they work you to death

I'm not sure that it really is SO much more work than second semester of 1L, but they do schedule things so that your life has to suck. Period.

Before I harp on the negative, I should say that I am in love with my classes this semester, even Con Law II, which I thought I would hate based on my Con Law I experience. So far all the reading is interesting, class time is interesting, discussions in class are awesome and truly discussions with lots of people providing input. I love it.

What I am not loving is the out of class stuff. SBA is still the bane of my existence. It's taking up too much time becuase our pres is a nimrod. Seriously. Law review. Well, I'm not complaining about it exactly. I just wish that the note deadline was a little more realistic. It's like some sick hazing that the note and OCI are all at the same freaking time. I feel like I am not doing either of them well. Not enough time to put into either of them, and things are getting overlooked. I'm still not sure that I should stick with the topic that got approved. And we got our first copy work this week. sigh. The author was a the cow prof that I hated before... the one who is loosey goosey and detail schmetail-oriented. So far of the 6 footnotes that I have tried to check, um, only 2 have anything to do with anything. 2 are wrong and 2 are something the prof pulled out of its a$$. I'm looking at about 10-15 hours just on that this week. Eek!

Finally, the spouse has been working psycho hours, so I have had significantly less study time than I really need. I think I am going to have to consciously decide to blow off some class assignments over the next few weeks and hunker down on my note and apps. If I can get one thing off my plate, then I think that I will come out alright.

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