Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Slow month, a mile stone, and things to look forward to

I think this is only my third post of the month. Between finals and some unexpected family issues (which only seem to pop up during finals or holidays or both), I have been horribly absent... and not just from this blog. Seriously, I feel like I am going through life in some sort of haze. Since Christmas is over now, hopefully the family drama will die down shortly as well.

Finals sucked, ass. There's no nicer way to put it... there are of course many less nice ways to put it. It was just plain awful. I really honestly think that my GPA is going to take a serious nose dive. So it is. Nothing to do now. And realistically, I'm not so sure that there was anything that I could have done differently during reading days or the semester to make the utter annihilation I experienced any different.

But the silver lining of course is the fact that I AM HALF WAY THROUGH! Hot damn! Seriously. I like law school a lot. And I will probably go back to loving law school this coming semester because I won't have OCI torture. and next year even better because I SO will not make the mistake of running for SBA office. I enjoy law school much more when I am focused on the classes and learning the law or how to think like a lawyer. It's the peripheral crap that I've discovered I hate. Speaking of, I've got to get tons of law review stuff done this week. But I won't complain about that, at least not directly. And I do plan on running for a board position for that group.

I think my classes will be interesting next semester. I've got Evidence and Bus Ass as my two doctrinal courses. Then I've got Law Rev, my seminar, and being a 1L TA for fillers. It'll be a busy schedule but it's almost all academic. So I am embracing that. Ohh and my schedule is kind of bizarre, but I think that I will like it. I've got class for 1.5 hours m-w in the morning and then at night for a few hours m, t, th. We'll see how that works.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A rant on code-based class tests

Here's the schtick: exams for code-based classes, for example, bankruptcy, should NEVER be closed everything. At the very least you should get to have the frigging code. For Pete's sake, there is no possible way to remember all of the exceptions to the exceptions and whether the qualifying debt limit for secured debt is 900K in change for chapter 13 filings. Seriously. The people who win are the numbskulls who are good at memorizing, not the ones who can find wht they want with the actual language of the code.

Snarl! I'm tired, damnit

Saturday, December 09, 2006

No more con law rants!

Wahoodillyhoo! I took my blastes 8 hour take home final for that ruddy course a few days ago. It was, well, typical of the sort of inanity that particular prof comes up with. Some straightforward and then wham some stuff out of the twilight zone. I have no freaking clue how I did. I am concerned about the number of super bright kids in that class... we'll see where it all comes out in the end.

But the POINT here is that while I might not have written an A test, I sure as hell didn't fail it outright. And that means *drumroll* no more freaking Con Law classes for me!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeee!!!!!!!!! I do realize for those of you who insist on peeing in my wheaties that con law topics will likley come up in various and sundry other classes. But I don't have to endure a whole painful, horrific torturous semester of it again.

And for anyone else who hates con law and is looking for help. Get Erwin Chemerinsky's hornbook. I love you Erwin! *smooch*