Monday, October 30, 2006

Yeah! I'm jobbed.

It's official folks. The offer has been given and it has been accepted. And thank the heavens for that. So now, with somewhat less mememe drama, back to our regularly scheduled program. Con law 2.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The absent blogger

Hello, friends, family, fellow tortured 2Ls. Anyone else feel like they are being slammed? I suppose feeling like I've only attended a small handful of classes and then discovering that we have FIVE weeks of school left is part of my trauma. No fears though. I have a plan. It's painful, ugly, and downright absobloodylutely no ruddy fun. But it will hopefully see me through the next 7 to 8 weeks of my life without significant damage.

Today I learned that I in fact learned little to nothing at all my 1L year either in torts or contracts about damages. But thank heavens my real estate transfer book took pity on me and assumed that I had forgotten. Cwap! Have I mentioned how much fun that class is lately. Even if I never practive anything remotely related to real estate, I will never walk into buying a house without an atty representing ONLY me. I will understand that I need to specify that the seller MUST maintain insurance on the house until closing and that if it is destroyed before then, I'm out with all my money. Seriously, could the law surrounding buying and selling a house 1) be more friendly to sellers (I think not) and 2) be more counterintuitive?

The rest of this week will be all Con Law 2 all week. Look forward to more reasons why I still hate con law.

The best part of this week will be taking my daughter trick or treating... it's my one play fun thing planned. oof.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

OCI and it's long painfully drawn out process is over

five million interviews--check
one million callbacks--check
telling about 150 attorneys the same answer to the same question about 150 times--check
flyouts done--check
eating way too much food--check
diet started to fight the call back expansion in my ass--check
really fabulous decisions to make--check
total inability to concentrate on anything--check check

Which brings me to utter and sheer panic on the thought that not only am I GROSSLY behind in the reading for all of my classes, but here it is the freaking END of October and I have started diddly doo dah on my outlines. Cwap! At least constantly missing class for other appointments is done, so I have a shot in hell of learning something.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Time flies when you are crazy

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. I think mostly I was "present" last week, but I'm not sure that I got anything out of it. I'm still in callback heaven/trauma/hell--pick your poison. For what it's worth, in some very superficial way, I really am able to tell a difference between the firms just by talking with folks for 30-40 minutes for a whole morning at their firm. And happily, the firm I thought that I would love best is still far and away my first choice (please, let them give me an offer!). I say happily, because I kind of thought that I had this whole "impressions" thing with firms going on. You know, some sort of conglomeration of impressions of meeting them at a firm crawl, or on campus brown bag, or even first interviews. So far, my thougths really haven't changed. the only really positive thing that I've gotten out of some of the interviews is that there seem to be a lot of really incredible women attorneys in this town. And that's kind of fun.

My note is due tomorrow. dum da dum DA dum! I have officially met the minimum page count :) which is really what it is all about. OK not really. But seriously, I am so sick of the darn thing. I did want to be published, but honestly, turning it in tomorrow is nothing more than a ticky mark on my gigantic list of things to do. I've got about 5-8 more pages of stuff that I need to put into it this afternoon to solidify the whole thing. But it ain't pretty. And I'm honestly not all that particularly sure that it is useful to anyone. Gotta love going through this process only to discover that it was really a big fat waste of time.

Sigh, and at the end of classes last week, I tried to talk to a guest lecturer we've had for almost three weeks while our real prof is off galivanting somewhere and discoverd that guest lecturer dude really doesn't like me and rightfully so. I didn't know who he was the first day of class and he attended our lecture. i went to ask the real prof something and basically ignored this guy (I thought he was another student waiting a turn to talk to the prof). At some point during my conversation with the prof I realized this dude was in fact not a student and I did the chicken out thing and just finished my conversation and left. No apology, no backpeddling no nothing. And I've never apologized. And I feel kind of bad about that. Especially now that I know he really can't stand me. I don't like that. And I really don't like that realizing that is the only thing that has lit a fire under me to apologize. guh. ew. I'm a tiny little person. being a big person sucks.

To top my week off, my kid is sick yet again and now *drum roll please* she's got pneumonia. Lovely. That about makes my week. Thank heavens that our fall break is around the corner. Or I might have to step in front of a bus just to get some rest.