Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So here we are, another semester underway

So I am taking a fullload this summer in an effort to get instate tuition at my school by Fall. Yeah, good luck with that I know. The first half of the summer I am clerking for a judge and taking a class and the second half I have 2 classes. One of the classes is my ethics class. You would think there would lots of sexy itneresting stories to keep the several hour long classes entertaining, you would think... but you would be wrong. Gah! Fun suckers. They've sucked all of the fun right out of my class. So it is. It's also got lots of touchy feely kinds of assignments instead of just a test or paper at the end. Blergh.

On a happier note, I love love love clerking. Too fun. And intimidating really. I'm still working on my first order, but I should have that done by tonight. Lots of interesting topics and sexy facts. I've been able to sit in court several times as well. And let's just say some of the attys are freakign brilliant and others are, well, um, less so? It's been enlightening to say the least. And next week, i get to sit in on a trial. Yeah. I'm so excited.

I so want to be a real clerk right after grad, but we'll see. Grades come out today, so I may be weeping in my pillow.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Does anyone know if the rules for lawyers changes substantially each year?

Just wondering. One of the books I ordered used wa my ethics rulebook, but I got it and it is the 2005-2006 version, not the 2006-2007 version. Do these rules change substantially each year? Any advice here would be good.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stick a fork in 1L, I'm done

Seriously. I'm tried. That's really the only way to describe what I am feeling right now. Not euphoric, not relieved, just tired. And a little concerned if my speech will ever be the same again... I've been spitting out spoonerisms over the last week like it's going out of style. Seriously, I don't sound like a bright girl. So it is.

Tomorrow we are going on a family vacation for a week. Originally, it was going to be for a week and a half, but this way is better, so I have a few days to, you know, do laundry etc when we get back before I start my externship and Summer classes. I bought the two books I need for my ethics class today. Thank you amazon marketplace and for saving me $70.

So we'll have radio silence for the next week or so here at the yayarolly. Enjoy your beginning of summer. I'm going to Disneyland.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Honestly, were you raised in a barn, or are you just maliciously disgusting?

Gagging. No, really. I'm gagging because of the stench. My carrel in our library at the end of some shelving stacks on the first floor. They get a lot of traffic, and while that's annoying, it's to be expected. HOWEVER, what is not to be expected is that some nasty, nasty man come all the way into the shelves (read: close to me) and let one rip. My eyes watered, I contemplated whether I should make a run for it. Gag. Really. Seriously. Have you no manners.

And just because I'm in a complaining mood... chick at the main tables with your food and crap scattered everywhere, yeah, you. Don't freaking put your nasty, and clearly dirty, BARE freaking feet on the table top. ew.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The last phase of 1L hazing: law review write on

So I have mixed feelings about this whole thing. I am happy that I have more than a shot in hell of getting onto our law review because everyone has to write on. Grades factor in, but no one gets in solely on their grades. After this last round of finals, this is a very good thing for me.

And I had 2 happy restful days between turning in my paper and starting the write on. I watched about 6 episodes of Gilmore Girls, first season; hit major sales for suits and shoes, and generally vegged. Oh, and I reminded my daughter that I am in fact, her mummy.

So the bad thing is that I'm still tired and I don't want to work. But the good thing is that I am not confused. Really, I had this epiphany that I really, truly learned useful things this year that I will really, truly use in everyday practice. The write on is an interoffice memo that LRev gives you like you are an associate; they've done all the research for you. You just have to read through the research, ferret out the red herrings, and write the memo. When you think about it, it's pretty much the same thing that will happen to you as a summer associate... except you will have to do the research too.

In any case, after I read the assignment and read through a few of the cases, while I was and still am a little puzzled about some of the "terms of art" sprinkled throughout these cases (and we are NOT allowed to use a legal dictionary, sigh), I understood the main arguments we would need to make and was able to ignore the stuff that is just background noise. So score one for me. I can take a legal problem, break it down, and apply research to make my point.

I know I'm a sick puppy, but this is kind of fun.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

One paper left and the semester is over, kind of

Property final was yesterday morning. Multiple choice. I hate multiple choice. I don't generally do well on multiple choice tests. So I'm not really expecting a whole lot out of that final. I do have hope that my usual multiple choice grade doesn't result because I loved that class and I'm supposed to be a TA for it next year. So it is. Nothing I can do about any of that now.

So now, all that's left is a paper. A paper which is already about 85% done. Only 35% of the grade is on content. My prof is really focused on organization and commas. Sigh. So today I'm editing it since I haven't looked at it in two weeks. It's really not fun to write about something that you have little to no interest in. If I get on a journal, I will not make the mistake of writing my note on something I don't care about.

Paper is due on Friday and the write on starts on Friday. Is there no rest for the weary?