Friday, April 28, 2006

Well that was about as fun as a root canal... the crim law final that is

Gah! That was easily the most difficult final I have had thus far in my law school career. Holy cats. It was 2.5 page fact pattern and a rather challenging set of policy questions. I knew the stuff, but there were just so many issues and I kept second guessing myself. Not good. no confidence. My GPA is now in the crapper. Lovely thought. Which is why I am in the library studying for Property. Sigh. Almost over now.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I know what I am doing this summer!

Hooray. I knew that I was doing the whole summerschoolgetenoughcreditstoqualifyforinstatetuition thing, but the jury was still out on whether part of my credits would be from an externship with a judge. Well the jury has rendered a happy verdict with my number one choice. Hooray. I've been to this judge's courtroom a couple of times for school outtings as it were. The judge seems to be pretty progressive procedurally. I think I will really enjoy it. And in some demented kind of way, I am stoked that I will be writing so much. Nothing like doing lots of writing to get really fine-tuned in a particular style. (Yes you can remember this when I complain about it later).

I don't think I can talk about anything else related to this, but I just wanted to share my bliss.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yippee Skippee!

Hooooofreakingraaaay! Con law is done. Kiss my patootie! I am reasonably certain that I won't have to retake it, that it hammered my GPA, and that, yes, I will to test another day. I would express my many lamentations of what con law could have been, if only... but there's no point, and I am happy to forget about it.

The rest of today in crim law outline finishing/streamlining. Tonight I take a crim law practice exam, which prof crim law will go over with us tomorrow. Hooray. Crim I think I can do... if I can type quickly enough to get everytihng in there.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

ethical dilemma for law students and profs to weigh in on

So here's the ethical dilemma. I've come to find out that some people will write a verbose answer to a given topic in their outline like executive power or standing. Does everyone do this? Is it OK to do this. Most people that I've queried at my school say, well, you are allowed to bring in anything that is your own work product, so that would fit. But everyone seems to say that with an uncomfortable pinching look on their face.

Part of me says, well, great, if you want to put that much effort into your prep for the exam, go you. But the other part of me says, but wait, that saves them TONS of time on the test. They can't copy and paste, but they can transcribe quickly, which in the end might be unfair to people who come to the test with only an outline, which as I was taught in jr high, is not something containing complete sentences.

What do you tihnk? I'm really on the fence here. But I am leaning toward it not passing ethical muster. It's the gut reaction. It just feels wrong. I've found that siting down and taking timed practice tests are the only way to go because just writing it down once or twice helps me get started on the actual test. I'm not sitting there thinking I know this stuff, but how do I write it down best.

I truly welcome both sides here. Let me know what you think.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I stil really really hate con law.

I am sick, sick to death of con law. I hate it. I hate everything about it. I hate my prof. I hate his tangents. I hate the detainee cases. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Recommendations please... something to look forward to

I realized that I need to read something that is not a case book. SO I am soliciting your recommendations. I like generally anything except western, harlequin-type romance, and non-fiction science books. Other than that, I'm open.

Despite my hatred of con law, on my list of summer reading is The Brethren. I ran across some hilarious quotes from it while writing my torturous paper for the class with no point. Ooh, and I am going to read Robert Jordan's new book (Ok, i know it came out last fall, but it's new to me).

Help me expand my horizons. I would love some suggestions for fun, drivel too.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wow, 1L classes are over

Seriously, this last year has to have been the fastest mad dash of time in my memory. But I made it through. Ironically enough, first day of class my daughter was dog sick and last day of class my daughter is dog sick. Which sucks generally. We're starting to talk about getting tubes in her ears, but I guess she is a little older than when they usually do it? I don't know. I just wish she didn't have to be sick so much, poor thing.

Which brings me to the firm declaration, that you, a mom, can go trhough law school and survive. Sometimes you feel like it is by the skin of your teeth, but nonetheless you come out OK.

I'm not going to talk about finals right now, I'll think of that tomorrow.

So 1L class recap for me:

favorite class: this is a toughy, it's a toss up between civ pro, contracts and property, leaning toward contracts.

least favorite class: Con law, hands down.

odd thing i learned that i didn't plan on learning: hmmm, 2 major ones I guess. law school is like jr high, complete with gossip or getting used to the administration, which is so not operating from a business model, but embracing gleefully an academic model (translation: talk, talk, talk, do nothing)

favorite prof: prof contracts. bless that woman and her love of the UCC. Don't worry prof contracts, I'll wait 'til you come back from visiting and take your other glorious UCC classes.

biggest nonacademic perk: amazing freaking people that I go to school with. really, there are only a few big stinkers. I'm touched when I think of the dear friends that I have made here. Surprised at some of them being 10 years my junior. But overwhelmed by the decency of my classmates. Here's to us, collegial atmospheres and just being who we are!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ew... You know it's finals time when

the main study hall smells like a boy's locker room. Just ew.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oral arguments are over, thank heavens

Yeah, um that sucked. No really. That was just bad. I will say, I'm sure it could have been worse. But not by much. I was just not prepared for the line of questions that the "judge" threw at me.

To add insult to injury, my opponent is one of those annoying put herself up by putting you down kinds of people. And she likes to publish her victories. Which is annoying. I'm being small. But I got creamed by the judge. I don't know if I actually got creamed by my opponent because I think i was shellshocked at that point, so I didn't really follow her argument.

Can I go crawl into a hole now? Only if i take my conlaw hornbook with me.

so the study plan is going only marginally well

Rats. The good news is that I think I have amassed all the research for my paper. This is very very good. The bad news is that I still have to right the damn thing.

The other good news is that I did read all of my reading for the week, except for con law... which i have just been reading the supplements and hornbooks for. The bad news is that I think I need to read the cases from class today. I have no idea what my oh so great prof is talking about. A classmate and I have decided that based on his diagrams the prof's actually calling in life was geometry professor. Lots of triangles and unintelligble scribbling.

Tonight is my oral argument. eek. Actually I am not all that freaked out about it yet. The key word is yet.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Law review write on, getting organized and stress headaches

Blurgh! That about covers how I am feeling these days. Exhausted and just blergh. But somehow, some way, I will pull some energy out of my butt and make it through to the end of finals... um, I mean law review write on. Our school does NOT have a grade on option (not that I would necessarily qualify anyway), so we all have to go through the torturous hell that is write on. My one big problem with write on is this is the first thing in law school that I really really want so badly I can taste it. If I don't make it, I will be so disappointed.
No point in worryabout that right now.

Rather, what I should be worrying about is learning the material we are covering in classes this week (oh, and the material I am supposed to have been learning all semester). I've also got moot court this wednesday night. Terrifying. And a paper for my paper as final class that would be ideal if it were in tip top shape by next Tuesday.

To that end, here is my battle plan:
  • No more fun. Not after school. Not at school. It's just for a few weeks. Really, it's time to buckle down.
  • Must go to bed early.
  • Will do all my reading for the week today.
  • Thereafter, commit to 2 major topics each day of a core subject; today will be crim law.
  • Thursday night and Saturday are all paper.
That's all so far. Let's hope it works.

By the way, my frequent updates are in no way related to my desire to procrastinate studying for finals. And if you believe that, I've got a life estate in a bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell you.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reflections on time

As I was walking to church this morning, i noticed that most of the trees and early flowers on my street are in bloom. It's beautiful and smells so good. The sun was shining. I didn't have to wear a coat. Spring is by far my favorite season. It just seems like there is so much to look forward to... like finals, for instance :(

Which brought me to my next thought. My 1L year will be over in less than a month. Wow! Time flew. Really, really fast. But it doesn't feel like it was particularly fast. You know that odd sensation inside when real time doesn't match up with your impression of time. I've learned so much this year. My brain is still kind of extra squishy trying to put itself back together after being so thoroughly deconstructed by all my profs. Still, as I told my hubby earlier this weekend, my worst day at law school is still a bazillion times better than my best day at my old job.

So here's to flowers and trees in bloom, squishy brains, and the approaching end of 1L.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Meditations on mock trials and trials in general

So, I got to go and participate in a mock trial this last week for some 2 and 3 Ls who playing lawyers. It was actually really cool. And it was the first time that I thought, maybe, just maybe, I can do litigation. Part of this was that of the 4 law students participating, 3 were stellar. Just strong, incredibly bright, and quick-thinking. The last one, well, being nice, not so much. I don't know if it was just nerves, but man the opposing counsel sure seemed to know their stuff much better. And I guess that was apparent to the judge too, who granted the opposing counsel's motion to exclude some rather key testimony that I personally tihnk should have gotten in. But the unprepared guy just was not able to be persuasive. Oh, and temper, temper.

So, major takeaway for all genders there, be prepared, know the law and the depos and everything inside and out.

For the ladies: let's talk presentation. I realize this sounds sexist but short of a guy showing up to court in khakis or bermuda pants, it's hard for them to screw up. I've seen at least two times now where women lose the battle in court before they say a word, and I think they both thought they looked great. Tip 1: If you choose to wear a grey suit. And if you choose to wear one that is "chicly" cut (read: more form fitting that not) and if you choose to wear a blouse that is not meant to be tucked in, you've got to wear a jacket. Seriously, I though this girl was wearing grey jeans at first glance. She looked sloppy. Not chic. And honestly, I never thought I would be one of "those" people, but I had a hard time getting past that for credibility. She looked like she was playing lawyer, not actually a lawyer (or soon to be one). Tip 2: big hair=bad in court. I don't care if you had it done by a "professional" before you showed up to court. If your hair is the first and only thing I notice about you, not good. I observed a federal court proceeding about a month ago where this defense attorney came in and I couldn't a) see her face or b) take her seriously. It was long. It was elaborately curled (think little girl). It was hair sprayed within an inch of it's life and had about a 3 inch vertical from the top of her head to wear her hair stopped.

Throw things at me if you want. I feel like I am betraying the sisterhood, but really get several opinions about your outfit and hair (and not just the saleslady who is trying to make a commission) before you go with "that look". Eek.

Monday, April 03, 2006

It's all crim law, all week

Yup. I'm getting the outline together. Sigh. I will pull the motivation out of my butt to do this. I will.

Say it with me: all crim law, all week, all crim law all week... maybe I should do some online shopping?