Thursday, July 21, 2005

At last, at last, at last! I'm online at home.

It only took a whole freaking month, but at last, I'm connected. Sad, a bit, isn't it? At least I won't spend the last week of working at the public library. Which while I am thankful for the free connection was really not an ideal place for working.

And on a further pathetic note, having a connection finally makes the house feel complete. Too bad really, i've been reading loads more than usual with nothing to surf in the evenings. Maybe I will have to limit my usage? who am I kidding?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the home internet access is addictive and encourages nonproductivity. I love it.

Zuska said...

Ha! I know the feeling! I have a stack of books to read. I promised myself while in school that "this summer, I'll make up for all the reading I'm NOT doing" (well, other than casebooks). And instead, I'm on the computer all the time. Damn.

Joey said...

My DH said to me last night "it's actually been nice not having the internet. It's good to read a book now and then. Honestly, I think he's read more books in the last 3 weeks than he has read in the last 3 years. But, good for him.