Saturday, July 30, 2005

I am now officially unemployed! and a thought on law books

Yeah! Wahoo! Weeeeeee!!!!!!!

I can't believe it. I had my exit interview yesterday and I shipped my work laptop back yesterday. And I feel so free. And a little bit irresponsible. Since kiddo was at preschool yesterday and DH wasn't busy. I took him to the campus and we visited the law building, I went and yelled at financial aid, and we perused the campus bookstore, where I was happy to see, they were stocking the Fall books.

Not that it matters... we don't find out which section of which class we are in until the last day of orientation. Sigh. It's a ploy so that we have to buy our books at the bookstore. So it is. While I was looking at the books I couldn't help but be gobsmacked by the ENTIRE WALL of study aids and commercial outlines. Holy cats! That had got to be a huge business for those publishers. I think what was most astounding to me was that the commercial outlines in most cases were actually as big or bigger than the actual casebooks..??!! How is that supposed to help you. And the other study aids were no light reading either. I think in my naive world I thought that they would be short readings. Surprise.

Then for grins i looked at the 2L and3L books. My only lasting thoughts were 1) wow, I'm going to be reading until my eyeballs fall out and 2) I'm going to need to get vision coverage again.

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