Monday, August 01, 2005

stupid questions I have after reading the orientation packet... anyone?

  1. When it says that we should be in business appropriate attire for the first afternoon of orientation because we are taking pictures... does that include a suit coat for a woman? Or a nice blouse would do fine?
  2. When it says we should be in business attire for the "swearing in" ceremony at the end of orientation, does that mean a suit? I thought so at first, but then it said that teeshirts and shorts would not be admitted. In my world that is SO far from being business attire that I wonder if a suit is really necessary?
  3. Should I just bite the bullet and go buy a freaking suit. I really really really don't wanna. I've got a suit... but, uh, let's say it fit pre-baby, shall we? I know that at some point I will have to get a suit, but I didn't think it would be for a while. And I'm not looking forward to shelling out. Thoughts?
  4. Why are they scheduling the last day of orientation like wankers? We have stuff from 10-11:30. And then the ceremony at 5:15. They didn't mention anything about significant others attending etc.
  5. Is the law school picnic Friday night ok for kids? And who the heck do you ask about this stuff?

That's probably about all. For all of my odd complaints, I think they have done a great job prepping us for school. It's an orientation week/intro to law week. We will take an exam on the last day and review our answers to get a feel for IRAC and basically, probably, how bad we stunk at it. The whole week we go back and forth from orientation hoo-haw to the intro to law sessions. Which is really a great way to go, I think. Break up the really boring speeches from a million and one people with some actual, useful info for my law school future.

The nicest feature is that I actually receive one of the books that I need for the whole year as a part of my orientation check in package. Nice. In the mean time, I've got about 60 pages to read for the first day. But it's all pretty interesting so far.


Anonymous said...

Business attire is a suit, at least to my mind. However, what it sounds like they're asking for is "business casual" (given the admonition against shorts and t-shirts) and that could mean a nice blouse and skirt or, again, a twinset.

I'd say they probably expect the men to show up in a shirt, tie, and trousers or slacks, but probably not a jacket. Appropriate female attire could also forgo the jacket.

(For reference, all our events have said "business casual," and they even gave us a definition of that term. Yeesh!)

Joey said...

i actually went to the school today and peeked at the board with pix of the current students... and they were all in business casual.

I was going to wear some nice navy capris, but now I think that I will find some nice navy pants with the traditional blue women's dress shirt. I hate shopping.