Sunday, August 07, 2005

Only one week left. When did that happen?

So, I was just going over my "todo before school starts" list and realized that I'm not even close to being half way done and I have one week left. So much for relaxing and vegging out before school starts. Cwap.

Last week was somewhat unorganized because we had out of town guests for a few days and then other random stuff that came up. Not the least of which was my daughter being too sick to go to preschool Friday. Sigh. We are "between" insurance right now. My old insurance is no longer active and Cobra doesn't kick in for another week or so. So a) she really can't be sick; we can't afford it and b) what am i going to do if she does her usual zero to pneumonia in three days and DH actually gets a job offer this week? i guess the magnitude of the complications that I am likely to have in school because I have a young child are really starting to get through my thick skull. I mean, if she is still sick or worse in a week... and DH just started a new job, how on earth do I do school orientation? I think I need to find a back up "babysitter" person who can watch DD on days when she can't go to school. There is one woman I know who is currently unemployed that I am going to ask. Let's hope that works out.

Other than getting DD better (and me since I seem to be getting her cold), I still need to buy a few more clothes for school... both for me and my DD. I have about 7 more boxes to unpack. Those are the painful ones where you have no idea where the contents should go and you've really run out of space for more stuff. I still need to organize my home "study" area. We've got a nook in our bedroom that I am going to be using. So far I've got a table top in there for a desk and a little cubby for paper etc... and a lamp. It is still missing something though in the organization dept. I need to get a driver's license for this state. And I need to work on getting nonCobra private insurance, which is really a bigger PITA than it should be. That's about all. Yeesh. If DD cannot go to school this week, I'm not going to get half of this stuff done.

Oh yeah, and I need to finish my orientation assignment. I finished all the reading for the whole orientation week last night. Now I want to go back through, take any pertinent notes and brief the cases. I am REALLY glad that I read the whole thing first because now I realize that there is a big picture in all of the cases they had us read. they were in groups of 2 or 3 related cases. But it turns out the last case actually uses all of the previous cases in its reasoning. I've read several places that suggest that you should read and brief all of the cases for the coming week for a particular class together. I think I'm a convert.

I also have an appreciation for judges who can actually write succinctly. One of our cases rambled and was rather painful to keep track of. Unfortunately it was one of the first cases I read and I started panicking that I just wasn't going to understand. I felt much better several cases later and realized that the judgment I read before was just stinky writing.



stag said...

Hope your daughter starts feeling better.

I have one week left too, and am realizing that a number of things I had wanted to get done won't get done. We have reading to do for the first day of orientation, so I should probably start looking at that and thinking about actually going to school. Fun stuff.

Joey said...

I wish I could have your calm Stag. Seriously, my mantra this week has just been slow down.