Sunday, August 14, 2005

13 hours left...

I just put my DD to bed and as I walked out of her room, I thought "what should I go do now? dishes? more orientation reading? watch a movie?" And then it hit me. I've got to pack my backpack up because I'm going to school, tomorrow! And now, i offiially have butterflies.

So, in an effort to create calm in my soul, here is my list of things to do tonight:

  • Put DDs blanket/nap sheet/Tom (her friendly toy dog) in my car tonight.
  • Make her lunch and get her drinks ready for tomorrow, put in fridge and put her lunch box next to fridge.
  • Find DDs shoes and put by front door (she likes hiding them and it can take 10 minutes to find them sometimes)
  • Put out clothes for DD for tomorrow
  • Put out clothes for me for tomorrow (check to see if blouse needs pressing)
  • Put my shoes by the door
  • Clean out my backpack
  • Repack: laptop, cable, RJ45 cable, notebook, pens, pencils, orientation book, print schedule, water bottle, fig newtons (great snack), school manual for how to get lockers, etc, one highlighter, brush/comb (for pix)
  • Clean out purse so it can fit into backpack
  • Find right lipstick for pix tomorrow
  • Put cell phone on charger
  • tell my hair to go right tomorrow
  • Find parking sticker and get it in my car (think it's in DHs right now)
  • Put backpack by door
That's all I've got for now. Cheers!

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stag said...

Good luck! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Orientation starts Tues. for me.