Sunday, August 28, 2005

Microsoft OneNote for class case briefs... a template, a template!

Giving a shout out to Janine's post about Microsoft OneNote, I've had pretty much the same experience at my law school too. And have converted the multitudes, and I always refer them to this wonderful template designed for law school case briefs that you can download from Microsoft office's site

I modified that template because it didn't have everything that I wanted, or stuff that I didn't. And I didn't want the graphic. And about halfway through the first week, I actually modified the template so that I have different ones for different classes. For example, the rule is very important in Civ Pro, but not all in contracts, because we are always dealing with something that gives rise to a breach of contract. And for my scary Torts prof, I have added a couple of sections that make me pick out what the Ds attorneys argued and what the Ps attorneys argues because he asks that kind of stuff and heaven help you if you are wrong!

Hope this helps somebody out.

Oh, one last thing. I did think about what I would do in case of file corruption or data loss, say in 3 months... so I have a to do item once a week to back up my one note files to my server space on the student server at school. OneNote happily autosaves for you all the time, but I'm not taking any chances.

Edited to add: I take all my class notes on the empty right side of the template, so I have everything about a topic or case in the same place. I'm organizationally anal retentive, so if anyone has questions about setup, email me. I live for this kind of stuff.

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Anonymous said...

hey bro, how were you able to edit the template? i'm trying to do this myself right now because the template from microsoft's website, like you said, doesn't have everything we need.