Friday, August 05, 2005

A sign of things to come

Why yes, some of the people in my soon to be class already frighten me. Last Saturday, I received my orientation materials, including a booklet containing roughly 5 meaty chapters on "what is the law, briefing, and test taking" and about 10-12 cases. I received an email from the law school this Tuesday stating that someone had brought to their attention that some pages were missing from several cases in the packet and so the law school would be sending those pages out asap. Fine, well, and good.

But then I thought about it for a moment. The pages that were missing were in the last 70 or so pages of the booklet. They were very random... as in you've got to read the cases to see that you are missing something. And then it hit me... Someone had already read the entire booklet, or at least attempted to. I have to say that I am still not completely through the booklet and here it is almost a week later. And, *blush*, I actually didn't notice that one of the cases was missing a page when I got to it. I thought it was bizarre and hard to follow, but it did not occur to me at all to think that I might be missing a page.

I'm going to be the dumbest person in the class. Yikes. Breathe in, breathe out. Start watching the second season of the West Wing from the library... that'll make it all better, right?

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