Wednesday, August 10, 2005

things to do before school update

I spent 2 flipping hours yesterday getting a driver's license in my new state. Lovely waste of time, but at least now it is done.

My desk area is in reasonable organized working order, which is rather surprising to me.

3 of the 7 boxes are unpacked. The last 4 just might kill me.

Went shopping for clothes on monday. I am now on a quest for some brown shoes and navy pants, which I hope to knock out this afternoon. I've also gotten all of DDs fall shopping done and as much of the winter shopping as I can do. Go me, especially since I'm the only woman on the planet hates to shop!

Unexpected delays:
  1. I'll be spending about an hour at some point today cleaning up frozen diet pepsi. DH left TWO cans in there all day yesterday and they had a rather nasty demise. It's not cleaning the freezer that stinks, really, it's cleaning everything that is in the freezer, sigh.
  2. Getting my hair cut in a half an hour. really kind of a scary proposition this close before picture day, but I cannot get it to do anything. let's hope this gal can cut naturally curly hair.
  3. And a fun delay, Dh and I played hooky from real life yesterday and went to a resort where they had alpine slides, zip lines, etc. We got an all day pass and zipped and slid until my eyelids were twitchy. I also have a lovely reminder of the great fun we had... a nasty sunburn. yowza. Please don't let my face peel, please don't let my face peel, please don't let my face peel....


Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel your pain! My family has a weakness for really, really cold Pepsi. We have a biannual explosion...I try to see it as an excuse to clean out, but it's always quite horrifying.

Joey said...

Thanks... it only ended up taking about half an hour, and it was good to get done anyway, I guess, right???

We must be having a thing with carbonaated drinks today though... I spilled a full glass of coke zero at dinner... over all of the "important" papers we keep on half of our table. Sigh. I'm not allowed to drink any more soda today... maybe not for the rest of the week.

Willie said...

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