Tuesday, August 16, 2005

day 2

Can i say that I really like it? I mean, I really really like my class. Our prof was much more into the socratic today and it really wasn't that scary. Really, so what if you are wrong? As long as you are there to learn what's right and pay attention, it's no big deal. And frankly, no one seems to be embarrassed because hey, we are all idiots at this point? right? I loved the mental gymnastics.

So far, I seem to get the tree right, but I am having a hard time figuring out where the forest is and where my tree fits into it. but if that's my biggest problem, I feel like I am doing alright.

the orientation part of stuff stinks though, plain and simple. BORING. Please. Please. Please. Start and end on time because it is such a yawn. At least we do a little class, then a little o, then a little class, etc. Otherwise, i shudder to think of what the consequences can be.

On a smirky note, we were told that we are distributed into "pods" of 5 people...and those same 5 people end up in the same section of each of your classes. Naturally, most classes are so big that you have a good chance of having some people in several of your classes. This was news to me though. i had thought that we would be with the same people in our section for all of our classes. I think I like the pod idea btter. You'll get to know more people that way... anyway here's the smirky bit: after the o session where we learned this i went to ask the dean of finaid something, and another student approached first asking about the pod thing. How the distribution for parity really worked. the dean said it was mostly about gender, ethnicity etc... to keep a diverse group. The guy was really insistent on knowing how gpas and lsats fit in. The dean said it depended. Some groups could all be middle of the road. Some might have stronger and weaker candidates, etc. And then the guy said, oh so I might be in the pod with the dumbest person in the class. Kudos to the dean for not blinking an eye and saying, yes, or you could be with the smartest. You won't know.

Honestly though, this dude clearly thinks that gpa and lsat are the only indicators of "dumbness and smartness" to him I say, dumb ass. And I hope you aren't in my pod...


Zuska said...

I find these pods intriguing! Do they do anything to foster your pod turning into a cohesive group? Did you meet your pod-people?

My school does something relatively similar. We didn't have a set "section" that did all classes together. But our Legal Practice groups were 12 people big, and WE all had every class together. But we also knew each other b/c Legal Practice dominated our lives in our first semester. These 12-people groups often turned into a person's peer group, as well.

Do you think the pods are designed to do the same thing?

Joey said...

They don't actually tell us who are pod people are. But it's usually pretty obvious when you go to your legal research class, given that there are only 10-12 people in that class about half of them are in your pod, so it's easy to spot.

I accidently figured out who one of my pod mates is today, and I think she'll be right up my ally for studying and so forth.

I think our school does the pod thing because then your likelihood of meeting lots of people are higher bcause its new faces almost every class.