Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Break is almost over... what break?

Between the oh-so-fun holiday travels and my daughter being sick with RSV, I've had zero fun down time. I've read my homework for two classes and cleaned part of my house but that's it. Happily, today munchkin is well and went to school, so I have a better shot of getting things done. But they still aren't fun. Like: updating my resume and making appointments with the LCS people to get it reviewed. Ditto on the cover letters. Of course, there's also finding the jobs to apply for. Sigh. I also need to go buy a new suit. Double sigh. I really hate shopping. Between all that, I'd like to find time to read the new Robert Jordan Wheel of Time book... somehow I'm thinking that will be a summer treat.

School starts next Monday and for all of my complaining about not having a break, I'm kind of excited. I love that I get all new classes except for one. And if the next semester goes as quickly as the last one did, well I'll be a graduate in no time.

Last thing. I wanted to share my New Year's Resolutions because then I'll have some accountability for them. So here they are:
  1. No more swearing. really I sound like a trucker most of the time and I am afraid that I will let some of those words fly in front of my daughter. And frankly, I want my classmates to remember me for something other than my colorful language... after all even in school we are networking.
  2. Lose weight... I'm not going to say diet. I'm going to say WAY less eating out. WAY more planning meals, portion control and exercise. It can only make me feel better.
  3. No more bashing/or generally thinking ill of one of my next semester profs. I've heard horror stories about him and was getting sucked into that mind frame. He might really be a garbage teacher, but I'm going to make lemonade.
  4. Be closer to God. So I know that I rarely if ever mention it, but generally, I'm a pretty religious person. But last semester not so much, and I think it really had a negative impact on me. So i'm going to try to attend more frequently and pray more often than just the night before finals and when my memo is due.
There it is. I'll keep you posted. Oh... so far I've already swore once. No matter. Practice makes perfect.

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