Friday, January 27, 2006

I actually learned something last semester...

my Torts prof is known as THE socratic teacher at our school. Too true. No matter how right you were or how strong your argument, he would stay with you and keep changing the facts until you either couldn't remember your name and original position or you wept... either way, he won. Well, my property prof and I got into it earlier this week on some case and I held my ground. He wileyed the facts and when he stated the other side, I remember thinking, "ooh that's a good one. that's tough" but I was able to think quickly on my feet and come up with ways to distinguish etc... I felt like he ultimately made the stronger argument, but that I would not have been laughed out of the courtroom based on my argument. I forgot about that episode and went on with my day.

The next day a girl in that class told me how she felt bad for me because he was so mean... and honestly, I had no clue what she was talking about. Thinking on it later I realized she meant that episode and thought "I am SOOOOO glad that I had my Torts prof; nothing is scary or mean after that!" So here's to thick skin! Oh and yesterday Prof Property commended me that I articulated myself well earlier that week. Yes. It really isn't about being right. It's about logically, legallly, plausibly holding your own. Right?

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