Sunday, January 15, 2006

A further thought on con law boringness

Is that even a word? Don't know, don't care. Seriously. I have just been reading opinion after opinion by Marshall. Anyone else want to join me in saying that the man's goal must have been to fill as many volumes as possible? Good freaking grief! It goes on and on and on. The dicta runs for miles with no happy end in sight. And here's the frightening part: these are heavily excerpted! Yikes!

Grades update: the last grade is now in. Not nearly as good as the others. Somewhat disappointing after basking in the prettiness of the others. Sigh. But perspective. I'm fairly certain that the ranking-doodles will have me right where I wanted to be.


Filch said...

What's-their-names' new Law and Culture blog (I think Law vs. Culture would be a more fun title) seems to have an interesting thread on Con Law as Holy Writ, a perspective which might make your class a bit more amusing.

biff said...

Will your exam ask about the details of the cases? If not, just read a canned brief.