Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's a whole new semester and I'm in love...

with Property that is. really. Some of the most interesting stuff I have read in law school yet. I don't know if it is the relevance to my daily life? the fact that i've wondered about many of the topics covered before I ever set foot in law school (of course, none of it had to do with whales or foxes :) ) Really though. Interesting stuff. There's an inherent "fair" or "not fair" ness to everything too that interests me.

Con law- *yawn* still. So help me. I HAD to surf yesterday in order to stay awake. Naughty me. But then, what's worse snoring in class or just not paying attention? My biggest revelation so far is that it seems like Congress can do just about anything they want if they can somehow loosely (and I do mean loosely) relate it to the Commerce Clause. Le sigh.

Crim law--the best thing about this class is the prof. Young, enthusiastic, brilliant war stories. But so far we aren't into blood and guts, just punishment theory etc. Again, le sigh. You've got to love any crim law prof though that usually has a video clip for each class, and actually likes law and order :)

My other classes so far are just "meh".

I've only got one more credit hour this semester than last, but holy cats! I seem to be reading twice as much each week. I'm going to have to get organized and early or I will play catch up to an early grave.

OCI drop is next week. The only thing I have left to do is write teh cover letters. Ick! I've decided I'm just going to do the OCI thing. If I get a job, great. Otherwise, I am going to summer school so hopefully I can get in state tuition by fall. Again, meh.

Underneath all the "mehs" I still do love it. I'm just tired. So very tired. Not a good sign only 3 weeks into the semester.


CM said...

Second semester is tough. Maybe we'll all feel more energetic after a few weeks.

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