Monday, May 09, 2005

$1600 closer to being a law student

I ordered a new laptop this weekend for law school. I know you can frequently get financial aid money allotted for a computer if you buy it after a certain date, usually in August, but BCM actually helps me out on occasion. Nothing like corporate discounts. I have really turned into a geek because I am SO excited to get the blasted thing. It's got all the whizbangs that I wanted. So "laptop?" "check!". I'm on my way... now to find money for the other $23000 in tuition that I need to cough up this year.

And as long as we are talking about tuition and mentioning financial aid, here's a fin-aid rant: My Admit school said you had to have your SAR from FAFSA by the beginning of March in order to get priority aid. Fine. But we don't use TurboTax or other software because we have relatively complicated taxes thanks to DHs business. So, fearing that our accountant would not have everything back in time, I did estimates in the stupid online FAFSA tool. Then, when I got the real numbers, I updated the FAFSA. Now, Admit school fin-aid says I'm getting audited because I changed my FAFSA. Makes me want to scream a little bit. So I sent them copies of my tax return and my dog and my blood type and "they'll get to it when the get to it because I am NO LONGER priority aid". *snarl* *growl* *spit* URGH! I'm out of freaking state Admit school... why no, I don't happen to have wads of cash to make up the out of state cost just lying around. Argh! So we'll see what they come back with, my guess nada. Come on Waitlist school!


Kim said...

Just found your blog! I'm so happy to find yet another mom going to law school. :)

Joey said...

Sometimes it does feel like there is only a small handful of moms going to law school, doesn't it. Nice to hear from you. Good luck.