Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Immunization records and other packing goodies

So is anyone else irked about retrieving immunization records. I mean, I know, it's important to verify that we are not going to wipe out our entire school with measles in one fail swoop. But hello... Some of us are older than Moses. Ok, maybe not, but when it comes to finding stuff like that, I might as well be. And it's not cheap to get your titers checked or get additional immunizations.

Well last night I had incredibly good luck. Actually I think I was deserving of said luck because I decided to be the one to pack up all of our papers/records etc. And what an icky job. Blech. Papers from 10 years ago... Manuals for VCRs that we don't even have anymore. Lease agreements from our first apartment 8 years ago. Sigh. So much freaking paper. But it did pay off. WAhoo! In the recesses of an old folder that I didn't even know I had was my beaten up, old, ugly, faded, yellow immunization booklet! Success! So now, I only have to pay to get one more measles shot... Since my Admit school requires two. That I can handle.

Immunization records for school: check!


George said...

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Filch said...

Oh, good Lord. I hadn't thought of that yet.