Friday, May 06, 2005

Short timer's disease

Ok, so we could have called it long timer's disease about 3 or 4 years ago too. Man, do I hate my job. And it has been doubly more unpalatable in the last week or so since DH and I determined when I would quit and we would move. June 17 is the big drop dead date... for big, corporate, monolith (BCM) anyway. BCM might let me work remote from our new city for 4-6 weeks before school starts. Honestly, I'm torn by the prospect. A) the project that I am working on starts getting rather nasty after about June 15 and B) I kinda want some real time off. We haven't taken a proper vacation since before my DD was born. I'm looking forward to a summer of playing with her, maybe hitting the zoo or a water park. But if BCM offers the remote deal, I think that I have to take it.

Right now, DH is a SAHD with some very part time contract work. So no benies whatsoever. If I do the remote thang, then we've got insurance for a little while longer. Sigh. I can do it right, I've been doing it for a long time, what's an extra 6 or so weeks?

And as long as I mentioned insurance, can anyone say ripoff? Holy cats! I've looked into policies from Admit school and Wailtlist school, as well as the student ABA group insurance. Um, ridiculous. For me alone it's laughable, but to insure my DD and DH, I'm not kidding, the ABA group quote was over $4000 for 6 months. And it's really crappy insurance and third-rate facilities. At that rate, we'll take our chances. Actually, Waitlist school is only $800 a semester, which is still not fab, but doable. Admit school, again, we'll take our chances. And we hope for DH to be gainfully employed with benefits ASAP, so hopefully this will all be a moot point.

Back to the original topic. To summarize: work sucks, I have no motivation, and thank God it's Friday.


divine angst said...

Yeh, the insurance thing sucks. I think we're just going to risk it, too. My COBRA is absurd (I guess all COBRAs are absurd). I will have to have hospitalization insurance (you probably will, too, most schools require it), but I'm not getting anything else. I can use the school's health services when necessary (and I haven't gone to the doctor for anything more than a physical in five years, so I think I'll be fine) and I'll pay out of pocket for my prescriptions

Mieke said...


Wow. Pschyed to find you. Taking the LSATs in October. I'm 37 and the mother of two small boys, all things you'll glean if you hit my site.

May I make a suggestion regarding insurance? Get major medical for everyone with a 2 or 3 thousand dollar deductable, that way you are covered for the big shit (which you hopefully won't need), but won't be paying a lot.

Look at companies like AAA, Blue Cross, etc.

Also, you'll find no mention of my law school thoughts on my blog. I am not read to deal with all the things you wrote about in your post about people telling you how hard it's going to be.

I have so many questions. Will you please email me?

Mieke said...

I wrote. You never responded. I'd love to chat. You're in. I'd love to tap your brain about decisions you've made with regard to moving, jobs, child care, health care, school, etc...

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