Friday, May 13, 2005

Shipment tracking is a glorious thing

Anyone else like I am? I must check about a dozen times a day any shipment tracker that I have on an item that is in transit coming to me. I am giddy knowing that my laptop left Hong Kong yesterday. Hurrah!

Over Christmas I watched a package coming from Maine go through Maine, Kentucky, Dallas, and various and sundry smaller cities on its way to me, actually to my DD. Very cute moose slippers from LL Bean for Christmas.

It's just fun to know where some things have been. After Christmas DH and I ordered ipod skins from somewhere in China and that was a fun tracking route too...

I'm getting really excited for my new laptop. Geekily enough, I can't wait to try out some open source software on it, which I can't do with my work laptop, freaking Microsoft lovers. *Sigh*

Anyone planning on using much non-Microsoft software in school. We already use open office at home, which is about to come out with a version 2 that looks really good.


divine angst said...

Erm, I will be using a Mac in law school, if that counts. I've heard good things about Open Office, and I think there are non-Microsoft note-taking applications. Do some Googling, if you're really interested in staying away from M$.

Oh, and don't buy Office now anyway, since you can usually get a REALLY good deal on Office from your school (better than the standard ed discount; my future school has Office Professional for about $60 with the school's site license.)

Shannon said...

I track packages using bloglines - very efficient!

Joey said...

Thanks for the suggestion about bloglines. I had no idea that you could track shipping there.