Thursday, May 26, 2005

Freaking recurring payments!

I'm so angry right now, I could spit nails. So, long story short. About 5 months ago the crappy web hosting service we used to host web site with pix of our DD died. It just up and died. No email, no warning, just one day no longer in business. Charming isn't it? Well, I thought, no big deal... they hadn't invoiced us for a little while so we weren't losing out.

Well irony and irritation. Last night I finally got around to picking a new and reputable hosting service and start the set up and this morning I got a paypal notification that I had made a payment to MY OLD HOST. What??!!! I look it up and paypal and it was set up as a recurring payment. Grr. Snarl. Snap. Damnit anyway. DH set that account up and doesn't remember doing recurring payment. In any case, while the company did go out of business, the paypal account that they used is still valid... and happily accepting my money. And paypal doesn't care. It's my job to cancel my recurring payments. Fine. And they do not have loss recovery or dispute resolution for recurring payments! Ooh I was so mad at that poor customer lack of service guy. So yeah, now I get to try to get $60 back from a phone number that doesn't work and a guy wiht a hotmail email address. Sigh. jerks

Ultimately, my bad for doing business with a hosting company that only accepts paypal and used a freaking hotmail account. Phooey!

On a happier note... all of the inspection repair items for the sale of our home are finally done. We close on Tuesday, or should we call it check day!

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