Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Boxes, boxes of all sizes

We started packing last night. Hurrah! My mother always told me when you move, pack one or two boxes a day and then it won't seem so bad. And you know it's not. Last night, I packed up all but two of our book shelves. Books left out: all of DDs and my Harry Snotters and legal books. The legal books consisting of about 7 books, but still.. they're out should I have the immense desire to go to sleep... uh, I mean start reading.

After I packed the books though, I realized that that is the easy part. Poo! Now I've got to find other things that I can live without for the next few months, like crepe pans, for example.

Best and most reasonable advice I've had about packing/moving with a toddler so far is pack her room and her things last... and have them unpacked first. Buy playdough. Make an empty box for her to pack and unpack to her heart's content... so she won't keep throwing little people in my french books!

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