Monday, June 20, 2005

5 days and counting

Current utilities scheduled for turn off -- check!
New city utilities scheduled for turn on -- check!
Address changes made for other services -- check!
Address change to law school -- check!
Truck confirmed -- check!
Brawn for loading truck confirmed -- check, check
Finished packing -- um, um

Ok. no check there yet, but we've got 4 days to do it, right. Except, I work until the day before we move, and DD has been terribly sick, so DH isn't packing he's ferrying to doctors and labs and such. Oy! Luckily, she seems to be doing a little better. And I can't concentrate at work anyway, so if I pack late into the evening, it's not like lack of sleep could cause worse work performance :)

I would say we are half way packed now. We're packing up my sewing room and the kitchen tonight, and that will make a huge dent in the remaining stuff to be packed.

I am getting so excited. Only 3.5 more days of work in my office (will telecommute from new city for July). Happy happy, joy joy. I was surfing for some info on our new city and found their summer events program. So many fun, free things to do. Tremendous farmer's market. Every Monday and Thursday night free concerts in the park. Fabulous library. I'm as giddy as a June bride!


stag said...

How convenient that you can move and still work by telecommuting. That's cool.

Joey said...

Yeah. It's handy. Mostly I'm doing it for the insurance, but the paycheck will be nice too. I had to fight for it with my company. But it all worked out.

Anonymous said...

That is great. I think I'll end up doing a fair amount of contract work after we move, but I can't telecommute—not allowed. :-(