Thursday, June 16, 2005

A space of my own, or what keeps you up at night?

DD has been rather sick for a while now, so sleep is not really happening consistently in my household. I find that if I get up with her at 3 am, I have a hard time really sleeping again until 6 am. What's really entertaining are the things that run through my mind during those hours.

Lately, I've been obsessing about which area of our new house I am going to declare as "the serious law student study area--MINE". DH took a bunch of digital pix of our new home that I look over at least once a day, imagining if my favorite bookshelves will actually fit on that wall or not?!? I've narrowed down my space to either a nook in our bedroom or the foyer. The foyer is enormous and has lots of bright nice windows... but it's the foyer. But then, we don't know anyone, so I wouldn't be interrupted all that much right? I've got a really long folding table that I've used for quilting in the past that I think will become my work space. I like to spread everything out. Yeah, I'm a space hog when it comes to work. And I kind of have a mental block against setting up something as potentially stressful as studying in my bedroom. I believe in the whole "sanctuary" bedroom idea. It should be a place of rest and happiness, not con law.

Hmmm. Oh the re-arranging fun we will have.

Another thought I've had are supplies. What will I want on my table? lots of pens, maybe some highlighters, paper galore, my laptop, maybe a nice desk lamp. What else? There was a thread on lawschooldiscussion requesting info for school supply ideas, but as usual, it was highjacked by "clever" people, so no actual useful info was posted. Too bad. Any ideas? One thought I have had is that I do NOT want a phone on my table.


CM said...

Index cards? Markers for making charts? Folders? Paper clips? A stapler?

Depends on how you study, I guess. I'm waiting to buy supplies and set up my study area until after school starts, so I can figure out what I need. (Even thoguh I love that new-notebook smell!)

Zuska said...

i recommend a red pencil, as opposed to a highlighter. To mark up your book. If you have a highlighter, then you will need to have that, PLUS a pen.

That's just me - I did a LOT of thinking/processing/note-taking/outlining (what some may even call briefing) in the margins of my books, and the red pencil seemed to work best. With a hard lead, so it's not wearing down constantly.