Wednesday, June 08, 2005

place to live in new city -- check!

Mission accomplished. DH found us an acceptable rental in our new city. What a relief. He's been emailing me pictures of places he has seen this week. Yuck and double yuck. Too small, too expensive, too dirty, too far away from everything. Sigh. But he found the perfect place today in a nice little neighborhood for our little girl. What a weight off of my mind.

Now we just need to pack, move, get a job... eh, we'll worry about that tomorrow.


jjhaas said...

I just linked to your blog via Kristine (Divine Agnst). I am a 30 something married man with a 13 month old girl. We are aslo moving accross country for me to attend law school. Just want to say welcome to the crowd! I look forward to reading about someone else in similar shoes.

Joey said...

Thanks for the welcome. I'm discovering there are more of us with families entering law school than I thought. I'll be sure to check out your blog.