Saturday, June 11, 2005

Anyone else's school have interdept communication problems?

Honestly, how hard can it be in the age of computers? I get a student ID... that ID does not get flagged as "law" or "grad" student until my "official" registration is complete. OK. In the mean time, I get weird post cards from financial aid wanting to know why I want financial aid.

Me: Um, because I got accepted to your law school.

Them: Oh, well then... blah, blah, blah and we'll let you know in 6 weeks what your award is.

I don't care how often I call to check on my financial aid, they don't know why I'm applying, but then they do and it will be 6 weeks 'til my award... perpetually.

Another total lack of communication exists between the law school and the admissions dept for the university in general. I keep getting all kinds of "you're doomed because you didn't give us your first child" notices from admissions dept, which results in my making a hasty, somewhat panicked call to the law school. Whereupon the law school says, "Oh, just ignore that. it doesn't apply to law school students."

Sigh. It just strikes me that this really could be so much easier.

Now my big question of the day is: when to give them a change of address. I'm thinking a week and a half before I move. That way anything they send, in theory, should be there before I get there and likely won't have been waiting for me for more than a few days. Whereas, if I wait until a few days before we move in hopes that I can get the mail here because I know that they are sending something towards the end of the month, then I worry that the whole forwarding process with USPS will screw me over some how... A real puzzler, no?

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