Friday, June 03, 2005

A final decision, um, kind of

I am 99.9% sure that I am going to Admit school now. i talked to Waitlist school earlier this week, and they said they weren't sure at this point if they would be able to admit anyone from the waitlist. Sigh. Oh well. I'm really excited about Admit school anyway. I'm still going to leave my name on the Waitlist school list. Then if I actually do get in, DH and I can look at where we are and decide if it's worth it to us to change directions.

DH is actually going to new city today. He's driving one of our cars up, getting us a lease, and flying back late next week. Can I say how relieved I am to know that we will leave a forwarding address? Or that I'll have a real address to give to Admit and Waitlist school when we move?

I just confirmed DDs spot in a really good daycare/preschool about 3 miles away from campus. She is going to love that place. And I feel really good about the quality of care, attentiveness, and selectivity of their teachers. This is so important for me so that I can really not worry about her while I am at school.

I wish that I knew more moms of younger children that are going to law school. There are so many things that I want to ask. And I guess I want to be reassured too that DD will be OK and that I can still do well in school.


Anonymous said...

Things will be fine with your daughter. Just remember that what you are doing is providing her with a tremendous role model. One of the best things my mother ever did for me was go back to school and get her BA and then her Masters, while I was still school age. She still was a great mom to my brother and I, but I grew up knowing that there was more to her than JUST being my mom, that she had dreams, too, and that I could have dreams just as big as hers.

Anyway, just to say, don't fret. I was a daycare kid for years and turned out just fine. :-)

CM said...

Does Admit school have an organization for students with families? It seems like most schools do. You could also call the admissions office and see if they'd put you in touch with students who are parents of young kids.

Joey said...

That's a good idea chickenmagazine. They dont' show anything like that on their web site, but I will definately check into it when we get there. Thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

hi! I am a mom to a 3Y0 girl, and i'm starting law school in a couple of months. So i can't offer you advice yet, but I just wanted you to know that you're not alone (been lurking for a little while, your life could almost be my life -- down to the time we both bought our laptops!)

Joey said...

Good to have you here Melg. I hope you love your laptop as much as I love mine. True love.